Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Siemens PLM Solid Edge Community BLOG

I just want to draw attention to some activity that has been occurring over the past few months with regards to Siemens PLM's Solid Edge.

A few months ago a new site was launched by Siemens PLM and was touted as a Community site.  As part of this, there is a subarea that is the Solid Edge Community site.  The site has a Q&A section, Discussion section, Knowledge Base, BLOG, and recently a whole subarea for developers who write custom code using the Solid Edge API.

Of special note is the Solid Edge BLOG.  There has been a flurry of "how to" articles written by Matt Lombard.  You may recognize the name as he was an avid Solid Works user as well as the author of the popular SolidWorks Bible series.  Matt has now taken a position with Siemens PLM working for the Solid Edge group and has been authoring material on specific facets of Solid Edge that come with the unique perspective of a new user who previously used SolidWorks.  Often material like this is written by folks who have used Solid Edge for a long period of time and it is easy for them to skip through the ground clutter and only hit the high spots because they know too much and expect the reader to know too much as well.  Matt cover the ground clutter as well as the high spots and the material is well suited for the novice user as well as the SolidWorks refugee.

Make sure to check them out as the site is public and there is no registration to read the material.  If you wish to participate by leaving comments, posting a question or jumping into a discussion, registration is required but you do not need to be a customer of Siemens nor even have Solid Edge installed (45 Day Trial or Student Version)

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