Thursday, June 06, 2013

Solid Edge University 2013… One more day to save!

The Early Bird Discount #2 expires tomorrow 6/7.  It allows you to save $50 on one admission and $100 on three admissions (buy 2 get the 3rd FREE!!!).

Now if you are dragging your feet or your boss is dragging his and and the decision has not yet been made, don’t worry… As far as conference fees and content go, Solid Edge University is still a bargain at the regular price of $550 considering there are 2 days of content spread over 9 tracks with 3 of those tracks being HANDS ON EXPERIENCES!  Let me repeat:  3 TRACKS OF HANDS ON EXPERIENCES!  If you have ever priced getting training from a VAR, it is many times the admission price of Solid Edge University and does not cover the breadth of topics and/or the niche areas of Solid Edge that will be covered by the Solid Edge University’s Hands on Experiences.  Add to that the additional 6 tracks of content covered by experts including Solid Edge product planners, application engineers, and customers, and you have a “no brainer” of a bargain.
If you can’t make it for some reason or another, I understand.  Times are still tough for some industries and money for non-essential travel is in short supply, but what you spend on attending just this event will return many times that in gained productivity especially if shared with other users when you return (you typically get the presentations if you attend).

I hope to see you there, and if you can’t make it rest assured we will still have a good and productive time without you, but know that we will miss you a lot.

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