Thursday, March 07, 2013

Solid Edge University 2013

I’m sure you have all heard the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none”.  I think of this phrase when some entity tries to serve too many purposes that it really doesn’t focus too well on any of them.

This happened a few years ago with UGS in regards to the Solid Edge annual international user group meeting.  Due to what I imagine was a concern with costs and economy of scale, someone decided that the independent Solid Edge Summit should be wrapped into the annual PLM World event with all the other UGS products.  What happened is we lost that Solid Edge only focus and it became watered down and generalized. Needless to say, it was giant flop, and in just a few years Solid Edge had lost most of it’s annual conference attendees.

Under the new management of Karsten Newbury, he and his team decided in 2011 to hold a Solid Edge only international event and it was a big success! Because it was such a hit, it was repeated in 2012… And it was an even bigger success!  So again for 2013, there will be another Solid Edge international user event…

Solid Edge University 2013 (…  It will be held in Cincinnati June 24th-27th, however the 24th will cover the Solid Edge Application Programming Interface, the 25th-26th will cover Solid Edge usage and I’m sure a preview of ST6, and the 27th will cover your choice of FEMAP topics or Insight XT configuration topics.  While the schedule isn’t firmed up yet, based on the content of the 2012 event you can expect hands on computer training as well as lots of interesting and beneficial presentations from users, product managers and resellers covering a wide variety of topics… All pertaining to Solid Edge!  And don’t forget the peer to peer discussions that can happen during breakfast, lunch, break, and evening social times with fellow users made up of us old salty dogs as well as newbies, and the Solid Edge staff.

Be aware that the first level Early Bird discount is in effect through March 29th, and until then, if you get 3 folks from your company to attend you can save $150 each on general admission (buy two get one free) for a per person rate of only $300… Not bad for being fed breakfast, lunch, a dinner, and copious amounts of Solid Edge wisdom!

A must see event for anyone using or thinking of using Solid Edge.  I am planning on being there again this year and I hope to see you there too, so get registered and Design Better!

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