Friday, March 08, 2013

Solid Edge ST6

Solid Edge ST6 is not publicly available yet, but will be in the next few months.  No doubt the big announcement will be made at Solid Edge University 2013 at the end of June (

While it is still under the cover of secrecy, I thought we might have some fun and see how creative you are with trying to guess what might be in ST6 when it releases.  Submit a comment as to your best guess, but be respectful or your comment won’t see the light of day.

I’m sure that when ST6 releases, whatever is in it will help us all Design Better!


Chally72 said...

I'll play

In ST6, I envision (read: pray for) more free-form surfacing tools and also surfacing push-pull capabilities that bring it in line with synchronous part modelling. Surfacing is a thousand percent better without a history tree and a life full of gray arrows and exclamation points awaiting you, and I'd argue that the use of synchronous here is much more critical to workflow than traditional modelling to those who work in both.

PellaKen said...

I agree that it would be a good benefit and would fit well into the Synchronous world. While I'm not a big surfacing user, I do believe the popular surfacing apps are not history based... Can someone confirm this?

Anonymous said...

umm speculating. What Chally72 ask for is already inside NX, could be wonderful if SEST have it to, but they will focus on machinery and mobile computing, for surfacing you will have to buy NX modeling. but Name: Solid Edge STX, multiview for a single document, embedded NX CAM, more stronger simulation with motion simulation and stress analysis all together in a single environment, OpenCL power, multi CPU inside more environments (more than wireframe rendering), more robust help, with a virtual assistance and A.I. (most of the time i talk to myself while i`m drawing, could be useful if SE can hear you), and PLEASE add some LED like in rendering (if you design consumer products, why not a video with LED lighting?), "product design assistance" a suit of tools to help you in the design process with really strong contact/interference and motion verification of physical objects?. all this hoping that marketing of siemens read this, and then the developers :) . flexible bodies!!! texturing influence on volume calculation (differentiated from a extrude operation of 0.01mm), and why not a ARM version of SE for Windows 8? and blowing away the mind, HTML version of modeling? even could a subscription version on the HTML of modeling on cloud (local GPU or Cloud GPU powered), and so on. :)

Roger Reid said...

Not long now Ken, but here are my guesses/hopes:
1. The ability for sync features to reference ordered features. I'm guessing this is fundamentally impossible but a true bi-directional modelling experience would be a game changer.
2. VS replaced with Keyshot as the integrated renderer.
3. Lofted flange in sync sheet metal.
4. PMI. Configurations and measuring added to ipad viewer.
5. All options can be "sticky".
6. New parts are automatically added to current view configuration.

REALLY looking forward to the new surfacing tools!!!