Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Solid Edge ST3 – Post 4 of 4

As promised, this is the last in a series of posts about what has been publicly released about Solid Edge ST3.  It’s been a while between posts, and if you scour the web you may have found this information already, but I thought I would post it anyways as ST3 media activity has slowed a bit and it has not yet been released (tentatively October from what I’ve seen posted).

Drafting is one of those areas where there is still such a big dependence.  It’s the final piece of the product development assembly line and is highly utilized by downstream departments.  With ST3, there were a large number of  enhancements in this area but unfortunately I can only share a very select few of the user requested enhancements.

  • Parts List’s have been enhanced and one of the enhancements (there’s others) is an option to create a fully exploded and indented list.
  • Unicode character support has been added so you can now mix & match languages in a single draft file as well as use the extended range of special characters. image
  • The Draft environment including Solid Edge 2D Drafting (Free 2D) now supports drawing view scaled measuring and sports a new measurement tool called Smart Measure which works like the Smart Dimension but does not actually place a persistent dimension.image
  • Callouts now support tolerances, limits, and dual dimensioning.image
  • A new print utility that lets you nest and print multiple drawing sheets from multiple files at once.image

So that pretty much sums up what I can reveal about ST3 at this time.  What has been revealed is just the tip of the iceberg of the user requested enhancements and doesn’t even touch on new features, or the “Bridge”.  Those that have seen the BETA agree this is going to be a monumental release, but your going to have to wait until the launch in October to see it.  I can certainly say that I really hate having to work on the old version (ST2) and can’t wait till I can get ST3 into production.

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