Monday, August 02, 2010

Solid Edge ST3 – Post 3 of 4

As Promised, here is my 3rd post on Solid Edge ST3’s customer driven enhancements. This time, the topic is Piping, Framing, and Weld enhancements.
Let’s start with Frames. Frames are made up of 3 items for each frame member: The sketch defining the path, the cross section defining the shape, and the resulting member as a solid model. With ST3, some work was done with the cross sections to add additional attachment points which are used to attach the cross sections to the paths. In addition to the prior default of the geometry Range Box showing the 8 points defining the rectangular extents boundary around the shape and the center point, you can now define the cross section’s path attachment point by using key points (end/mid/center/etc.) on the cross section’s defining sketch (including reference elements) or the cross section’s area centroid.

In addition to the new locating methods, cross sections are now associative to the members that they have defined (so changes to the cross section in the library updates the solid model in the Frame assembly) and also support specifying Wurzelmaß standard hole locations (DIN Standard). If you don’t know what Wurzelmaß means, you’re not alone.  It’s German, and it’s literal translation is “Back Pitch” in English.  It has been explained that it is the allowable location on flanges where holes may be placed.
Piping has a few enhancements specific to it as well. Pipe fittings can now be graphically rotated.
Pipe gradients are now supported for drainage situations. Fittings will tolerate a specified deviation from the standard fitting angle to allow for the specified gradient.
image image
In prior releases, pipe fittings were required to be added to the Standard Parts library to be used. That requirement has been lefted and now pipe fittings can now be placed directly from disk or managed environments (Insight/Teamcenter).
Both environments have benefitted from the new ability to pattern Pipe or Frame components.
Parts Lists now support “per item” and “cumulative” mass for pipe/frame components and the mass calculation accounts for removed material in mitres and assembly features. Mitre cut angle can also be included in the parts list as well.
image image
In Welding, a new algorithm has been introduced that produces weld beads that support many more geometric conditions, exactly matches input faces to eliminate interference, and also transition smoothly around sharp corners.
As I stated before, this is just a subset of user requested enhancements. There is a lot more that I cannot publish yet, not to mention we haven’t touched on new features or the “Bridge”. Stay tuned, more to come soon.


roger said...

Mass of frames and listing mitred end conditions are very welcome additions. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

Do you perhaps know if Frame Design now saves each created frame item as a part file?
So if you double click on a frame member you actually get to see the frame member itself with the length is has and e.g. the angled cuts it has at the ends.
As it is now in ST2 when you double click you only see the originating profile in it's original default state.

Frank H. (aka frank_nx)

Bücher, Spiele und Co. said...


can you tell me if in ST3 in a weldment assembly the option for making a radius?
Until ST2 there is only the opinion for making a chamber-bevel.
Thanks in advance.

PellaKen said...

In versions prior to ST3, you have the option to associatively save the part model out to a file, however I don't believe you can access it directly from the assembly. I cannot comment on the ST3 functionality as it is beyond the scope of what I'm allowed to discuss. Perhaps this would be a good discussion for the BBS.

I am unable to comment on any additional ST3 functionality aside from what I already have due to non-disclosure agreements. Once the software is released we can discuss it all we want, but until then, I can only discuss what I have been specifically given permission to discuss.

Anonymous said...

Sept 1 has come and gone, still no ST3...
Any ideas on the release date?

PellaKen said...

What I have seen mentioned is October.


Anonymous said...

I was at PLM world and the date was sept 1. Not to worry, as long as its stable, thats all that counts.