Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PLM and Sharepoint

So you have all these PDM/PLM suppliers out there who have systems that vault data, manage workflows, manage revisions and control access to product data.  Some of these systems have existed in one form or another for decades.  All of it home grown because nothing existed that could be used as a framework to build upon.

Now decades later, we have Sharepoint.  It is everywhere. It vaults data, manages workflows, manages revisions and controls access.  What is missing?  Not much.  With Sharepoint 2010 soon to be released, the framework is there.  All that needs to be done is create some webparts and templates, and a pretty finctional PDM system could be had.  Some have already headed down this path.  Solid Edge released Insight on Sharepoint 2001 and continues down this path supporting Sharepoint 2003 and 2007.  PTC recently released Product Point based on Sharepoint.

I predict others will be following fast.  How can they not?  The functionality and userbase is there. And think about this:  A new model where the applications interface to the PDM system, not the otherway around :)

Care to comment?

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Oleg said...

SharePoint will have some success. However, it is still a framework. The question is what PLM vendors will try to accomplish on top of SP. If they (vendors) will try to convert SharePoint into traditional PDM, it probably will be a huge failure. Some of my additional thoughts are here --http://plmtwine.com/2010/01/06/key-success-of-sharepoint-what-should-plm-learn/.
Best, Oleg