Monday, August 10, 2009

Fortune Cookies

Trying to figure out how the title ties into CAD :) Well, it doesn't unless you know my background.

Today, I was treated to lunch by my boss. Quite a nice gesture, and we had a good lunch at a chinese buffet (rough afternoon now!). One of the required items at any chinese buffet is the fortune cookie. Mine read "Your curiousity will lead you to great achievements.".

Got to thinking about it and it is so right! My curiousity about everything has given me a broad knowledge about a large variety of topics, including CAD. In fact, my success in the CAD world is in large part due to my curiousity. I like to know how things work. I used to tear apart mechanical items just to see what made them tick (my father was really upset about the rototiller and dirt bike). I treated CAD much the same. I had to know what was there and how it worked and I had to quiz the developers how things interacted under the hood. To me, it was fun. I craved it. I still do.

Here's to hoping that "great achievements" are just around the corner. Maybe my curiousity about the numbers on the backside of my fortune will yield a winning lottery ticket :)

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Anonymous said...

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