Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Solid Edge ST2

Solid Edge ST2 is now shipping to customers and is available for download. A couple notable new features are Solid Edge Simulation and Synchronous Sheet Metal.

Solid Edge Simulation is a an embedded implementation of Siemens PLM's standalone FEA product FEMAP. Prior to ST2, Solid Edge shipped with a feature called FEMAP Express (now called "Simulation Express" in ST2) which was limited in load/constraint options and to single parts. In ST2, Simulation Express is still what's included with the product but Solid Edge Simulation can optionally be purchased as an add-on license through your normal sales channel. The good news is that Solid Edge ST2 does come with a temporary license for Solid Edge Simulation good through December, so install early so that you can try it out.

Now as I mentioned earlier, Solid Edge Simulation is an integrated implementation of FEMAP. What this means is that it has a lot of FEMAP's capabilities, but the UI is Solid Edge's which means it's easy to use.

Now for a list of capabilities over Simulation Express:
  • Assemblies (Synchronous only)
  • Complete environment with dedicated ribbon bar and vertical feature tree pane
  • Additional Loads and Constraints
  • Multiple "studies"
  • Export to FEMAP ".MOD" files
  • Multiple results options including the ability to probe nodes

Synchronous Sheet Metal is a new environment based on the Synchronous Technology concepts introduced in ST1. It allows modeling and modification of sheet metal models through direct action to the model while still retaining the intelligence that it is sheet metal. What this means is that sheet metal can be created quickly and edited even quicker. Imported models can also be transformed into a Synchronous sheet metal models as long as they are comprised of common thicknesses.

Obviously there are many other enhancements and new features with ST2, way too many to mention here. I encourage you to try it out when you receive it, especially Solid Edge Simulation before the trial license expires at the end of December.

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Anonymous said...

Thought I'd add that MP1 for Solid Edge with synchronous technology 2 is now avaialble for download and supports Windows 7. Customers with active maintenance can get it at

Kris Kasprzak