Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Including Reference Plane Edges from Peer Parts

To include Reference Plane or part edges from Peer parts in the part you are designing, you need to be editing that part in the context of an assembly. This is achieved in one of three ways:

  1. Create a new part "in place".
  2. Double click on a component part (In Place Activate).
  3. Right click on a component part and choose "Edit".

Once this is accomplished, you will also need to insure the command "Peer Edge Locate" is active (shown at left).

If the Reference Planes on the Peer part are not shown, you can use the Assembly Select Tool (found under the Tools menu) to turn them on.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Welcome to Velocity SE

Welcome. I have decided to set up a BLOG dedicated to Solid Edge (www.solidedge.com) related topics. I was kind of feeling left out in the world as it seems everybody and their brother has a BLOG (especially on some of those other 3D systems).

Now I feel a little better, and I hope that I can post to this frequently enough, and with enough relevant information, that you will find it usefull and will revisit often.

A little history about me:
I am a CAD Adminstrator for a large window and door manufacturer who happens to use Solid Edge (my working for them in this capacity was no coincidence). I have used Solid Edge since it's infancy (also used it's predecessor, I/EMS, and it's predecessor, IGDS) when it was still a part of Intergraph (www.intergraph.com). I attempt to be active in Solid Edge's development through frequent BETA testing and remaining in contact with the many wonderful individuals that make up the Solid Edge portion of UGS (www.ugs.com). I also try to be an active member of the Solid Edge newsgroups (http://bbsnotes.ugs.com/) hosted by UGS.

For me, Solid Edge is a hobby and I spend a fair amount of time playing around with it at home. I enjoy spreading the knowledge that I have learned with others, and therefore the reason for this BLOG