Sunday, October 22, 2006

Opening AutoCAD Drawings in Solid Edge

Solid Edge V19 can open AutoCAD files up through version 2004. To open them, all one must do is start Solid Edge, invoke the Open command, change the Filetype to DWG, and select the file.

Solid Edge also has a wizard based option form that allows you to configure how the AutoCAD file is converted. To access the options, select the desired DWG file with a single click and the Options button found on the lower left of the Open form will become active. Click it.

The Options form consists of 8 pages that deal with specific translation options such as DWG element color to SE line width mapping, hatch mapping, font mapping, etc... All of these settings are written to an INI file, and multiple INI files can be kept and a different one specified for specific translation jobs if desired.

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